At ElementsRE our aim is to create a team that is greater as a whole when compared to the sum of the individuals that make it. This synergy can only be achieved by bringing together extraordinary people specialized in their own fields, that are passionate about the common goal.

Our dynamic and growing team consists of:

Sean A. Haghi
DRE Lic #01420952
Office 310.577.8777

Armin Haghi
DRE Lic #01748665
Office 310.577.8777

Scott Niles
Real Estate Operations
DRE Lic #01923986
Office 310.341.0047

Krystel Chavez
Agent Assistant
Office 424.397.0764

Brisa Cabrera
Office Manager
DRE Lic #01724428
Office 310.577.8780

Nicole Cibella
Director Of Talent
Office 310.321.1717

Christian Martinez
Marketing Specialist
Office 310.321.1302

Sagar Patel
Technology Assistant
Office 424.397.0755

Kirk Martin
Office 310.577.8777
DRE: 01853265

Garret Bauer
Accounting Assistant
Office 424.397.0768

Alexander Thoren
Office 310.321.1303

David Montes
Office 424.397.0756

Zullie Sandoval
Transaction Coordinator
Office 310.256.3423
DRE: 01868137

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