Unique Open Houses

At ElementsRE, we don’t believe in false advertising. In fact, the great listing photos that we post are only the beginning. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that the reality is even more appealing. This involves engaging all of your potential buyers’ five senses, leaving them with the lasting impression that your property is the quintessential contemporary residence – and that they don’t need to look any further.

From the moment a buyer first interacts with your home, they are immersed in a fresh, welcoming atmosphere that invites them to linger and imagine themselves living in the space. The very air smells clean and revitalizing, the sound of carefully chosen music is playing in the background, and they can partake of fresh, healthy food that will put them in mind of the meals they’ll be able to enjoy when they make the house their own. No detail will be overlooked. When they turn door handles, handle fixtures and furniture, and run their hand on the countertops, they’ll be coming away with the tactile impression of sheer luxury. It’s not about making just another presentation, but about creating an overall experience.

If you really want to make a strong and enduring impression, you have to stimulate all of the five senses. Studies have shown that buyers don’t just make judgments based on their sight. In a study published in the Journal of Retailing, for example, Prof. Eric Spangenberg has stated that it’s more than possible that aromas have an effect on the same cognitive functions in the brain that have to do with decision-making. We will make sure that you home has a simple and positive scent that’s in keeping with its contemporary feel.

Our open houses:

  •  Have a theme and are meticulously organized and thought through. Nothing will be left to chance.
  •  They are properly communicated to the real estate agent community and our own network.
  •  They are scheduled and held open for adequate periods of time.
  •  They get effective exposure, drawing in the most amount of foot traffic.
  •  Effectively convey the message of contemporary design and style.