Marketing Enhancement Solutions

Homebuyers face a constant barrage of information when they’re searching for homes. Catching their attention, holding it, and converting it to genuine interest – this is the challenge that we love to take on here at ElementsRE.

With over 90 percent of buyers using the internet in their home search process, you can’t afford not to have your home represented properly online. The goal is to hook the interest of prospective buyers who will then want to pay your house a visit. Once they’re there, they’ll find a de-cluttered, interior designed and strikingly staged home that they can easily fall in love with.

Our Marketing Enhancement Solutions are designed to make your property stand out and be outstanding. Our solutions include:

The “De” Services”

Buyers want to focus on themselves, not you. They can’t do that if your house has your personality stamped all over it. Our “De” services are aimed towards making your house the appealing and neutral space it needs to be so that prospective buyers won’t have a hard time envisioning themselves in it.

De-clutter. It’s simple… Buyers cannot see beyond the clutter.

At ElementsRE, we’ve seen homes that are in good condition get rejected because people think they needed to be renovated – when, in fact, all they need is a good de-cluttering. We’ll remove things that you don’t regularly use, take out bulky furniture and out-of-place accessories, and ensure that everything is in its proper place.

Detach. We will help you get rid of the rest of the items that you don’t need.

In our society, there’s no denying the fact that we have too much stuff we don’t use, and we have the tendency to stock pile them rather than parting ways.

De-personalize. You want to enable your buyers to visualize themselves living in the house.

Your personal artifacts, precious though they may be to you, are just going to distract them. You’ll have to put away your photographs, souvenirs, trophies, medals and certificates, posters, religious items, family heirlooms, and so on. Your pets will have to stay somewhere else while your home is being shown as well.

Our “De” services typically include scheduling and coordinating appointments with

  •  Professional packers and organizers
  •  Maid services
  •  Pod rental companies
  •  Trash and recycling companies
  •  Donation centers

Connect with us now to explore how our “De” services will help you transform your house before it reaches the buyers’ eyes.

Interior Design & Staging

Perception is everything. The way something is presented will have a significant impact on how it’s valued. This is why we aim for nothing less than exceptional home presentations here at ElementsRE.

Through our comprehensive interior design and staging services, we’ll ensure that your property will be seen in the best light.

Our goal is to make your property as picture-perfect as it can be, to let it speak to buyers and enable them to easily imagine themselves living in the space. By converting the ordinary into extraordinary and bringing the most ideal vision of contemporary style to vivid life, we’re able to generate that “wow” effect that turns shoppers into buyers.

Design and Staging by the Numbers

Homes that have been staged and that have an attractive and harmonious interior design sell faster and for a higher price than those that have not. And, yes, there are stats to back up this claim.

  •  The 2012 HomeGain National Home Improvement Survey showed that the average return-on-investment of home staging is 196%.
  •  In a study conducted by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), homes that were staged spent “72% less time on the market.”

We are excited to give your property the makeover it needs to leave its lasting impression! Connect with us now to explore our interior design and staging services.

Professional Photography

You only have a few seconds to grab a buyer’s attention online – and if you don’t have compelling images, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll succeed.

At ElementsRE, professional photography is one of the central features of our marketing strategy. The better the pictures, the greater the interest, the higher the chance of getting more property visits, which in turn leads to more offers.

What this means to you is that we will sell your home with less time on the market at a higher price.

Connect with us now and have our professional photographers capture all the attributes of your home that will engage the interest of potential buyers and entice them to pay a visit to your property.

Unique Open Houses

At ElementsRE, we don’t believe in false advertising. In fact, the great listing photos that we post are only the beginning. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that the reality is even more appealing. This involves engaging all of your potential buyers’ five senses, leaving them with the lasting impression that your property is the quintessential contemporary residence – and that they don’t need to look any further.

From the moment a buyer first interacts with your home, they are immersed in a fresh, welcoming atmosphere that invites them to linger and imagine themselves living in the space. The very air smells clean and revitalizing, the sound of carefully chosen music is playing in the background, and they can enjoy fresh, healthy food that will put them in mind of the meals they’ll be able to enjoy when they make the house their own. No detail will be overlooked.. It’s not just about making another presentation, but about creating an overall experience.

Our open houses will be:

  • Theme orientated –meticulously organized and thought through. Nothing will be left to chance.
  • Properly communicated to the real estate agent community and our own network.
  • Held open for adequate periods of time.
  • Given the effective exposure to draw in the most amount of foot traffic.
  • Conveying the message of contemporary design and style.

We aim to keep your potential buyer engaged from the first second they interact with the property to the second they call it home. We are here to ensure that your property gets the attention and the marketing it deserves.

Connect with us now and experience our modern approach to selling real estate.