Securing The Property

Finding the right home can be challenging; making an offer and getting it accepted is a completely different ball game. Our strong negotiation skills, comprehensive and detailed analysis of all relevant factors, and well-established relationships with our community allow us to craft just the right robust, persuasive offers.

How We Ensure Success

Coming up with the best, most attractive offer is both an art and a science. We have a tactical approach towards the process of securing a property here at ElementsRE. This includes:

  • Making a comprehensive evaluation. We examine all facets of the listing so we can make a precise estimate. This includes everything from the condition of the property to the number of days it’s been on the market. We also look at the number of comparable properties currently for sale in the area, the seller’s particular priorities, and so on. We research market trends in the neighborhood as well as that of the region and do whatever due diligence is required.
  • Preparing a competitive offer. It isn’t just about the money – the offers that sellers will seriously consider aren’t always the ones that have the highest amounts on them, but also the ones that have the most attractive terms and conditions. We will use what we’ve learned in our research and analysis as well as our own knowledge of current market conditions to prepare a standout offer.
  • Skillful negotiation. We know how to keep the conversation going with sellers and their agents. Our negotiation skills have been honed to a fine point over the years and we will put them to work for you. Win-win solutions are our expertise.

Browse the site for more information on our Buying Solutions and let us know how we can be of service. We want to help you find the right home for the right price – get in touch with us today.