Financial Evaluation

No one wants to buy a home only to lose it. At ElementsRE, we like to prepare our clients for all eventualities and we take a preemptive approach to problem-solving. This is why we will help you ensure that you will not be overextending yourself financially when you make your home purchase with a Financial Evaluation.

As advocates of responsible home ownership, we consider it our duty to educate our buyer clients about the various factors that they will need to consider before making the decision to invest in real estate. We understand that buying a home is an emotional process; our aim is to make sure that emotions won’t cloud your judgment and that you will have all the information you need to make the best- educated decisions.

Get a Financial Evaluation Before You Buy a Home

We will help you stay on the right path to home ownership by:

  • Evaluating your monthly income and expenses. Just because a lender has approved you for a certain loan amount doesn’t always mean that it’s an amount that you can actually afford. We will make a thorough examination of your overall monthly income and living expenses in the Financial Evaluation to help you get a better picture of where you stand financially.
  • Identifying areas of improvement. Sometimes you may need to adjust your spending habits before you can make a purchase or make other decisions to improve your financial standing. We will help you come up with an effective plan that you can follow.
  • Determining a monthly mortgage payment that you can afford. This will be based on your budget as well as your overall goals and whatever future investment plans you may have. If you already own a home, find out what your home is worth, so we can help you determine if you have equity!
  • Creating a custom budget and determining the targeted purchase price. A home purchase is a long-term commitment, but life doesn’t always unfold as one would wish. This is why your budget has to have enough room to accommodate unexpected expenses and other possible changes down the road.

We don’t just help our clients acquire their dream home – we do our utmost to ensure that they have the right budget in place so that they get to keep it. Contact us for a free Financial Evaluation.